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Quickmill is a Canada based Machine Tool maker manufacturing large CNC Machining Centers for various manufacturing Industries worldwide.

Industries such as heat transfer, power generation, structural steel, mold and die, off road equipment and many more utilize the versatility of our machines every day. Our Annihilator, Eliminator, Eliminator R, Quickdrill III, Intimidator and Excalibur CNC machines offer production part flexibility, ease of operation, as well as the best large table value on the market today.

Quickmill is committed to supplying customers not only with the best value on the market but the best service, including complete start-to-finish installation, training and after-sales service support for every product.


In the metal cutting industry time is at a premium; set-up and processing challenges can make or break you. You need a machine that is as committed to your deadlines as you are. The Eliminator minimizes time spent on set-up and breezes through even the biggest parts with time to spare.

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The Annihilator was designed with one thought in mind: to deliver over-the-top performance to not just set you apart from your competitors. To ANNIHILATE them. With the speed and precision of a fighter jet and the power and strength of a freight train, the Annihilator can handle anything you throw at it.

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Chances are if you’re talking about drilling, the Intimidator name will be part of the conversation. For the last 10 years the Intimidator has become the benchmark in drilling performance, with customers all over the world boasting faster production times, higher efficiencies and more workload capabilities.

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Custom Machines

If a standard Quickmill machine is not the best solutions for your application, Quickmill will work closely with you to custom-build job specific machines to solve your requirements.

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